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Dancing Peace
The Web Home of Dave Nur-al-Haqq Walker, CMT

The Dances of Universal Peace and the Surya Program have profoundly shaped and changed my life. Over time, I watch myself expanding from a narrow focused corporate computer programmer and manager to an open hearted spiritual teacher and healer. The current point of this integration finds me able to offer the following.

Integrated Body Therapy
Energywork and massage for relief of stress, anxiety, physical & emotional pain

Dances of Universal Peace Experiential Workshops
Experiential spiritual evening, day, and weekend gatherings using the Dances of Universal Peace.

Dewpoint Web Services
Simple, no frills web page design to the "consciously aware" at minimal cost

Understanding the Nature of Existence
As a seeker on the path, I am continually searching for ways to extend my time and service to others while keeping food on my own table at the same time. As with most things in life, integration and balance play key roles. Yet, I often feel a strong sense that there is another way - one free from this dualistic struggle.

The mechanics of universe are subtle and karma sticky. It is all too easy to get caught up in our worlds and our selves. The challenge, the goal is to find the place inside where we can simultaneously be consciously present and active in the world while resting into our own Divine nature.

Life is an adventure! Enjoy the ride!

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