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The Dewpoint Business Philosphy

Doing business compassionately from the heart is not only possible, but necessary for the survival of this planet. The world is changing faster now than at any other time in history - unfortunately at great expense to Mother Earth and the human spirit. When used properly, the Internet can be a tremendous help in reducing our impact on the environment (eg. less paper, less commuting) as well as have a tremendous impact on our selves (eg. less stress, more openness).

Let's face it, the world doesn't need more advertising - we need more mindful advertising. The Internet's original purpose was to create a larger sense of community, a sense that we are all in this together, an environment where people could share ideas, be more open and honest, less cutthroat, and more their true selves.

Today, replacing competition with compassion is happening at the grass roots level. If we could all just see that life is not about maximizing profits, we would see that we really don't need to be competing with anyone - there is enough for everyone. Why hurt or take advantage of others, when it's just as easy to help each other? A great way to start impacting the modern business world is via the philosophy of compassionate pricing.

Dewpoint's goal is to help spread, share, and "grow" these concepts by developing web pages for Earth- and Spirit-minded businesses and individuals while earning just enough money to support a simple, stress-reduced lifestyle. Yes, you can get your message across in an honest, straightforward manner, without a lot of typical marketing hype, glitz, or fluff. Since 1994, Dewpoint Web Services has offered professionally designed web pages with quality graphics, designed for both efficiency and aesthetics.

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