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Compassionate Pricing

A compassionate pricing philosophy regards the value of work as more than just how much money the work generates. Providing service to others, being able to work with and for people you like, doing work that you enjoy, and even recognizing that your ability to work is a gift - these are all things that I value as much as work's ability to put food on the table.

While it is true that "money helps", money certainly does not insure happiness. Happiness is a state of being that only comes from identifying with one's true self. In seeking my "true self" I've discovered, among many other things, that treating people fairly with an honesty that comes from my heart is important to me. So, no longer can I participate in so many everyday business practices that thrive on taking unfair advantage of others.

Establishing price and value based on "what the market will bear" has contributed to the business world's negativity. (In this light, I find it quite ironic that "to support" and "to suffer or endure" are both dictionary definitions of the word "bear".) So, to offset survival in the business world with the concept of doing business from a compassionate heart, consider Dewpoint's pricing structure as merely a pricing guideline. Since I do need to eat, my minimum charge won't usually be less than $100US, but beyond that everything is negotiable. And here's what I mean by "negotiable".

I need to feel that I have received a "fair" value for my services. You need to feel that you are "getting your money's worth". The key term here is feel. I will help you in an honest and heartfelt manner. In return I ask that you look into your heart to determine what my work is truly worth to you.

If you see this as an opportunity to take advantage of me or as a way to get something for nothing, then I don't want your business. Conversely, I don't want you to pay me more than you truly can afford merely out of guilt. This only generates negative energy.

Rather, compensate me out of gratitude, out of an appreciation for the help I've provided to you, thus creating positive energy. Simply pay what your heart feels is "right". Your heart knows how much your web site is worth to you. Stop and listen to it - it will lead you to the proper amount to pay me for my services.

If in the future you determine that your site is more valuable to you than previously suspected, don't add guilt by feeling you "got away with something". View it as a gift and then do something nice for someone else, or offer your services to me in exchange, or send me additional funds out of the gratitude of your heart. Just be sure that in some way you take the positive feeling you've received and pass it on.

If you are comfortable with this approach to doing business, then please contact me - even if it's just to say, "I believe in what you are doing". If this approach makes you feel uncomfortable, simply realize that it is not for everyone. The Universe is large enough to support many truths.

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